31st Annual Conference Evaluations
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31st Annual TNP Conference Evaluations

Thank you for attending the 31st Annual TNP Conference in Austin!

Using the links below, please evaluate the sessions you attended as well as giving us feedback via the general conference survey.

General Conference Evaluation Survey

31st Annual TNP Conference General Evaluation

The following is a list of general conference sessions available at the 31st Annual TNP Conference. Please click on the sessions you attended to complete the evaluation surveys.

General Conference Session (Friday, September 6-Sunday, September 8, 2019):

  • Friday General Session GS01: Engaging the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program to Support Patient Health 
  • Saturday General Session GS02: TNP Membership Meeting
  • Sunday General Session GS03: Peeling Back the Layers: A Best-Practice Approach to Managing Atopic Dermatitis  
  • Sunday General Session GS04: Capitol Update: Legislation Affecting Your Practice
  • Sunday General Session GS05: Managing Heart Failure

Workshops (Thursday, September 5, 2019):

  • WS01: Pharmacology Update
  • WS02: Basic Suturing
  • WS03: Pediatric Management of Type 1 Diabetes
  • WS04: The "Good" Drugs
  • WS05: Hormone Therapy
  • WS06: Beyond the Basics: 12 Lead EKG Interpretation
  • WS07: Pain Management with Auricular Therapy/Auricular Acupuncture
  • WS08: Safe Prescribing of Controlled Substances
  • WS09: Basic Suturing
  • WS10: Choosing and Managing Insulin Therapy
  • WS11Imaging for the Advanced Practice Provider: What to Order When
  • WS12: Antibiotic Review
  • WS13: Surviving an Active Shooter
  • WS14: Pain Management in the Family Care Setting: Mitigating Risks

Breakout Sessions (Friday, September 6, 2019):

  • F01: Complex Cases in Acute Care
  • F02: Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice: Precision Prescribing
  • F03: Beyond Screening: The Role of APRN in Universal Education and Intimate Partner Violence
  • F04: Chest Pain in Children: It's Not All Heart
  • F05: The Ins and Outs of Geriatric House Calls
  • F06: Beyond the Clipboards: Medication practices, take a seat at the table
  • F07: Texas Law and the NP Scope of Practice
  • F08: Decoding the CBC: When to Refer
  • F09: Addressing uncivil conversations and aggressive behaviors
  • F10: The New Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling Law: Implications for Your Practice
  • F11: Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care
  • F12: The CPAP Resistant Patient Using an Interface to Combine CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapy without the Typical Headgear
  • F13: Workplace Violence: What Nurses Need to Know
  • F14: Rheumatology Review and Update
  • F15: Optimizing Patients for Surgery
  • F16: Inflammatory Markers: When and What to Order and What to Do With the Number
  • F17: The Buprenorphine Team: MAT for Patients hospitalized on Medical and Surgical Wards
  • F18: Early Recognition and Management of Pediatric Sepsis
  • F19: Role of Cardiac Monitoring in Prevention of Cryptogenic Stroke
  • F20: The Future is Now: How to Implement Telehealth into Your Practice
  • F21: Antibiotic Mini Review
  • F22: Diagnosis and Management of Hematologic and Oncologic disorders for the Advanced Practice Provider
  • F23: Obesity and Medical Management
  • F24: Improving the Care of Adolescent and Young Adult Females with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Primary Care 
  • F25: A Double-edged Sword: Managing Comorbid Chronic Illness & Depression
  • F26: What is the Pee Telling Thee
  • F27: Supporting the New Nurse Practitioner
  • F28: Migraine Redefined: The Theory of Migraine/Headache and Stem Cell Regenerative Treatment

Breakout Sessions (Saturday, September 7, 2019):

  • S29: Viral Pharyngitis: Improved Diagnosis with the Centor Score
  • S30: Making Sure You Get Your Reimbursement 
  • S31: Contraceptive Counseling 101
  • S32: Holistic Health Impacts of Social Media Use on Adolescents: Emerging Care Trends in an iGen World
  • S33: The Geriatric Patient: Supplements and Interactions: An Evidence Based Review
  • S34: What do you mean I made a mistake? Preventing cognitive error in your practice.
  • S35: Jurisprudence for Advanced Practice Nurses in Texas
  • S36: Wound Management from the Office to the ICU
  • S37: Changing Strategies for Diabetes Education: Improving Rural Community Access with Telehealth
  • S38: Marijuana: Medical Use, Recreational Use, Complications and Interactions
  • S39: Improving Spiritual Health Through Intentional Screening and Targeted Interventions in Primary Care
  • S40: COPD: The Who, What, When, and Why of Management
  • S41: Effective Use of the Prescription Monitoring Program
  • S42: Polypharmacy Among Geriatric Patients
  • S43: Hidden Dangers of Syncope
  • S44: Diagnostic Difficulty and Errors in Primary Care
  • S45: STDs: Is this what I think it is?
  • S46: Adolescents, Vaping & Juuling: What You Need to Know
  • S47: Nutrition as Primary Prevention of Diseases of Aging
  • S48: Wading the Muddy Waters of Nursing and Medical Peer Review
  • S49: Management of Type 1 Diabetes in 2019
  • S50: Post Operative Supplementary Motor Area Syndrome: Clinical Presentation and Management
  • S51: "The Nuts and Bolts of Obesity Management"
  • S52: Low Back Pain in the Adult Patient
  • S53: Pediatric Celiac Disease
  • S54: Why this Medication? A Guide to Anti Arrhythmic Drugs for Atrial Fibrillation
  • S55: DEA MAT Regulations - Demystifying DEA's Role & Implementing a Zero Risk Program
  • S56: The Who, What, and When of Immunizations: An Update on Adult and Childhood Vaccinations
  • S57: Shortness of Breath Has You Blue? Here is what to do.
  • S58: Successful Diabetes Management in Primary Care
  • S59: Auricular Therapy: Is there a place for it in your NP tool kit?
  • S60: Re-framing the Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents
  • S61: Delirium in Acute Care: What Can We Do?
  • S62: Medication Management for Nurse Practitioners: Protecting Yourself from Liability
  • S63: Human Trafficking: Achieving Core Competencies and Implementing Organizational Protocols


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