Affiliate Renewal Agreement 2018
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TNP Affiliate Agreement

Thank you for being an Affiliate of Texas Nurse Practitioners. Below is a reminder of the benefits of being an Affiliate of TNP.



  • Use of TNP affiliate logo, name
  • Ability to host meetings in the community using the TNP Affiliate logo, name
  • Statewide staff support
  • Vendor referrals from TNP to TNP Affiliates
  • Usage of Zoom Conference Call Services
  • Usage of Survey Tool - Survey Monkey


  • Invitation to Semi-Annual NP Affiliate Leadership Conference
  • Eligible for recognition and awards
  • Opportunity to serve on statewide committees, task forces and advisory groups
  • Invitations to State-wide events
  • Annual conference discounts for members of TNP
  • President of the Affiliate receives a free-year of TNP Membership
  • President of the Affiliate is invited to participate in TNP’s Presidents’ Council

Advocacy and Policy

  • The Affiliate may request a Public Policy Update and/or participate in regular Webinars being offered
  • Representation at the Capitol by TNP’s Lobby Team and Staff on issues important to the profession
  • Consultation with TNP’s staff regarding Fundraising events


  • President of the Affiliate receives monthly update from TNP
  • Quarterly updates provided by the affiliate for TNP’s quarterly publication, TNP Pulse
  • TNP provides content for meetings, local website and/or educational materials

Social Media Content

  • Affiliate News and Information will be shared on TNP’s Social Media outlets


  • Calendar posting on TNP’s Website for Affiliate meetings and events
  • A direct link to the Affiliate from TNP's website

TNP Affiliate Requirements

  • A TNP Affiliate will agree to promote the importance of TNP Membership.
  • Once the agreement has been submitted, the affiliate will be invoiced on an annual basis based on the number of members in the affiliate.

                Less than 50 members - $150

                51-100 members  - $200

               101-150 members - $250

               151-200 members - $300

               200+ members - $400

The local NP group and TNP are independent organizations.  This agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, parent/subsidiary relationship or other similar association between the parties. The local group understands that it will not represent that such relationship between the parties has been or will be created. The local group understands that it is not authorized to bind TNP to any third party for expenses incurred by the local NP group, or to bind TNP to any obligation or liability. In the event a third party asserts a claim against TNP for obligations created by, or actions taken by the local group, the local group will, upon request, reimburse TNP for any such obligation or liability. 

The parties intend that the provisions of this Agreement are for their benefit only and are not for the benefit of any third party, and accordingly, no third party shall have the right to enforce the provisions of this Agreement.

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