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TNP's 86th Legislative Session Recap

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TNP’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

TNP works to protect, promote, and advance the nurse practitioner profession in Texas, and to achieve greater access to quality health care for patients. Some of our key policy issue areas of focus are outlined below.

  1. Full Practice Authority (H.B. 1792/ S.B. 2438 ): TNP firmly supports legislation that would allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their training and education, remove costly and burdensome regulatory requirements such as signed delegation agreements with physicians, and place NPs under the exclusive regulatory authority of the Texas Board of Nursing. A state regulatory system that allows patients full and direct access to all of the services NPs are educated and trained to provide will best position the state to address our current and future health care needs.
  2. Prescriptive Authority for Schedule II Controlled Substances (H.B. 2250/ S.B. 1308): TNP supports legislation that would ensure adequate prescriptive authority for NPs and extend delegated Schedule II prescriptive authority to all NPs, regardless of practice setting or specialty. Texas is only one of a handful of states that does not extend Schedule II prescriptive authority to NPs, and such restrictions harm the ability to treat patients with mental health conditions, cancer, chronic disease, and other illnesses in a variety of practice settings.
  3. Virtual Meetings for Prescriptive Authority Agreements (H.B. 278/ S.B. 311)TNP supports legislation that would modernize and streamline the existing framework for physician/NP delegation. This includes legislation that would revise the statutory requirements for monthly meetings outlined in NP Prescriptive Authority Agreements (PAAs) such that these meetings would no longer have to take place “face-to-face” and could be conducted virtually or in a manner of the physician and NP’s choosing (e.g. face time, videoconference, etc.).
  4. Signature Recognition for Worker’s Compensation Forms (H.B. 387/ S.B. 1022): TNP supports common-sense legislation recognizing the signature of NPs on health-related forms, including Work Status Reports (DWC-73) for the workers' compensation system. Making these changes will allow NPs to serve patients in a more timely and cost-effective manner, while also reducing the medical paperwork burden on both patients and physicians.
  5. Signature Recognition for Concussion Return-to-Play Forms (H.B. 3128): TNP supports legislation recognizing the signature of NPs on sports clearance forms that allow a student athlete to return to practice/competition and school following a suspected concussion. Making this change will improve timely access to care for patients in hospital settings, as well as rural and underserved areas.
  6. APRN Out-of-State & Disaster Licensure (H.B. 912): TNP supports legislation that would create new policies to streamline and fast-track the license application process for out-of-state, active APRNS seeking to hold a license in Texas. In the absence of the APRN Compact in Texas or state reciprocity agreements that recognize APRN licenses across state borders, an expedited licensure process for out-of-state APRNs is critical to helping Texas address its health care provider shortages, recruit and retain workers in other states, and improve the ability for APRN providers to practice telemedicine and telehealth.
  7. Graduate Nursing Education Funding (H.B. 2980): This is an agenda item TNP is working on collaboratively with our colleagues, the Texas Nurses Association. Our organizations fully support legislation creating a dedicated funding stream for Graduate Nursing Education. This bill would create a new incentive program to provide grants to schools who are pursuing innovative solutions for increasing the number of clinical placements/preceptorships for graduate nursing students.

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