85th Legislative Session Recap
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During the 85th Legislative Session, TNP made giant strides to improve the practice environment for nurse practitioners in Texas and access to care for Texas patients. Check out our full 2017 Legislative Recap here to learn about how this session impacts you, your patients, and your profession.


TNP’s 2017 Legislative Agenda

TNP works to protect, promote, and advance the nurse practitioner profession in Texas, and to achieve greater access to quality health care for patients. Some of our key policy issue areas of focus are outlined below. For information on legislation on these issues from past sessions, please see “Previous Legislative Sessions” below.

1. Full Practice Authority for APRNs (HB 1415/SB 681): legislation that would allow nurse practitioner (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their training and education, remove costly and burdensome regulatory requirements such as signed delegation agreements with physicians, and place NPs under the exclusive regulatory authority of the Texas Board of Nursing. HB 1415/SB 681 is supported by a broad-based coalition of over 20 business, consumer, and health care organizations, and is common-sense legislation that will best position Texas to address our growing and changing health care needs.

2. APRN Insurance (HB 1225/SB 654): legislation that would remove the requirement that APRNs be in the same health insurance network as their delegating physician. Such insurance reforms are necessary to keep pace with the growing numbers of NPs providing primary care in Texas and to increase network adequacy in areas with health care provider shortages.

3. APRN Discharge Prescriptive Authority (HB 1846/SB 433): legislation clarifying that physicians may delegate to facility-based and hospice APRNs the ability to write Schedule II prescriptions to be filled in community pharmacies for patients being discharged from the hospital or emergency room. Clarifying this authority will ensure NPs can oversee the discharge process and write prescriptions that will allow their patients to go home and continue their recovery.

4. APRN Signature Authority (HB 3857/SB 919SB 431): legislation recognizing the signature of NPs on health-related forms, including: birth and death certificates, orders for handicap placards, jury duty and immunization waivers, and worker’s compensation forms. Making these changes will allow NPs to serve patients in a more timely and cost-effective manner, while also reducing the medical paperwork burden on both patients and physicians.

5. APRN Veteran Health Care Provider Parity (HB 1804SB 831): legislation that would grant full practice authority to U.S. Veterans who are licensed as nurse practitioners in Texas and who practiced in this role while serving in the military. This proposal would free Texas NP Veterans to do the job they were educated and trained to do, in exactly the same way they once did it as active-duty members of the military. 


Bills One-pagers

One-pagers are available for download by TNP members. To access these, please click here.


Coalition Work

In addition to the proposed agenda above, TNP is a member of the the Coalition for Health Care AccessWomen’s Healthcare Coalition, the Children’s Health Coverage Coalition (previously CHIP Coalition), and the Public Health Coalition. TNP will also be supporting the work of the Telemedicine Stakeholder Workgroup and various mental health organizations, who will work to expand access to telemedicine and mental health care in Texas this session.

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