83rd Session
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83rd Regular Session (2013)


APRN Bills of Interest


SB 406 (Nelson, Kolkhorst): SB 406 was the last major piece of legislation to pass that addressed scope of practice and regulatory issues for APRNs in Texas. This legislation removed the site-based requirements and mileage restrictions for physician delegation, granted Schedule II prescriptive authority to facility-based APRNs, and gave physicians the ability to delegate to limitless numbers of APRNs and Physician Assistants in facility-based settings and medically underserved areas. See the SB406 comparison sheet here for additional information.


SB 1058 (Nelson): SB 1058 amends the Nursing Practice Act and will improve the regulation of professional and vocational nursing.  Specifically the bill requires students planning to attend a professional or vocational nursing program have a criminal background check conducted by the Board of Nursing, makes permanent the Board of Nursing’s current pilot authority to take deferred disciplinary action against nurses for less serious violations of the Nursing Practice Act or board rules, and makes BON orders referring nurses to a board-approved peer assistance not subject to disclosure as a public record.

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