Starting an Affiliate
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Starting a local group provides NPs the ability to:

  • Network with colleagues
  • Increase colleagial relationships
  • Further professional education
  • Provide a unified group voice with NP issues around the community
  • Organize group community service
  • Increase visability of NPs in the local community
  • Communicate with others who "speak your language" - to discuss everyday work concerns

If you are interested in establishing a local affiliation in your area, below are some helpful suggestions.

  1. Review the chapter assessment.
  2. Based on the needs assessment, select a convenient location accessible to the majority of nurse practitioners.
  3. Establish meetings - the frequency, location, and times to be determined by the majority. It is best to keep a regular schedule.
  4. Select a contact person, chairperson or committee to be responsible for meetings, agendas and reminders.
  5. Review guidelines for business meetings.
  6. Review how to conduct a meeting.
  7. Review sample bylaws
  8. Select one to four NP volunteers willing to serve as officers/chairpersons for the following year.
  9. A mission statement should be developed to reflect the purposes of the group.
  10. Become a TNP Affiliate. Click here to become a TNP Affiliate today.

Affiliate Best Practices

This resource has been developed to provide you with important information to consider prior to forming your group. This document is available to TNP members only and includes the following information:

  • What is the difference between nonprofit and tax-exempt
  • What is the difference between 501c6 and 501c3
  • How to start a nonprofit with 501c6 status. 

Affiliate Group - Checklist:
1. Copy of Bylaws (initially and changes are voted on)
2. Obtain a Federal ID #
3. Keep copies of meeting minutes and sign in sheet (notebook or website)
4. Maintain a bank account online with 2 different signatures and transparent to the executives
5. Submit a 990 annually for taxes
6. Audit process at least every 2 years

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