TNP of the Year
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TNP selects a nurse practitioner of the year and is presented at the annual conference.

Award Criteria

Demonstrates excellence as an NP and as a role model for other nurse practitioners and the nursing  profession in general.

      Significant contribution to the improvement of care for individuals, families and/or communities.

Is creative in his/her approach to nursing care through effective communication and quality of care.

Utilizes current research in practice.

Recognized to practice as a nurse practitioner in Texas.

Active member of TNP for at least one year. 

Nomination Process

Complete the nomination form below. Please note you will be asked to upload a current CV/Resume.

In addition to nominations from affiliates, colleagues, clients, administrators or co-workers, NPs are encouraged to nominate themselves.

Nominations must be provided by July 1, 2019 of the year in which the award.

A review of the nominees will be done by the Nominations and Awards Committee consisting of at least 3 people and presented to the Executive Committee in July for final approval.  All nominees should be notified by August 1. 

Past Award Winners:

2019 - Jessica Peck

2018 - Jan Zdanuk

2017 - Holly Jeffreys

2016 - Susan Calloway

2015 - Shirley Davidoff

2014 - Alison Mitchell

2013 - Sandy McCoy

2012 - Peggy Francis

2011 - Rosie Morales

2010 - Yvette Levingston

2009 - Marilyn Pattillo

2008 - Jean Gisler

2007 - Deborah Bell

2006 - Elizabeth Jane Riley

2005 - Royline Orr

2004 - Ginger Savely

2003 - Judy Vire

2002 - Lynna Littleton

2001 - Terry Dickey

2000 - Linda Byers

1999 - Bette Geyer

1997 - Esmeralda Rivera

1996 - Marie Hart

1995 - Lynda Woolbert

1994 - Lisa Campbell

1993 - Carol Cody


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