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NPs in the News, COVID-19 Edition

Friday, May 15, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Cusack
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Captain in the U.S. Air Force and NP serving in New York City

Ashley Hughes, a Texas nurse practitioner and captain in the United States Air Force Reserves, has been serving intensive care unit (ICU) patients at Queens Hospital in the world’s largest COVID-19 hotspot.

Hughes was sent to NYC on Sunday, April 5 after receiving orders to deploy just 48 hours earlier. She told the Temple Daily Telegram she’ll be in New York City until the state decides she and her team are no longer needed.

Because of her work with pulmonary patients at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Temple, she was assigned to work the 16-bed ICU at Queens Hospital.

“I now have this experience to bring back to Central Texas and will be able to apply it to our veterans population in case of a surge,” she said.

Hughes said the disease can be deadly, especially in vulnerable populations. She warns to not let your guard down until there is a better understanding of the virus.

Check out TNP’s interview with Hughes here.


Wichita Falls NP shares success with telemedicine

With COVID-19 restricting face-to-face interactions, healthcare works had to get creative and innovative with how they treat patients. The easy solutions: telemedicine.

Nurse practitioner Misty Montellano at Community Healthcare talked about the successes of telemedicine to News Channel 6. 

“This is a way that they can contact us without having to leave home and without having to worry about am I going to get sick or am I going to get anybody else sick,” Montellano began. “We can even see, so say if they want to hold the camera up to their throat or if they want to show us anything on their skin.”

Telemedicine has been used widely throughout the world now to encourage social distancing during the pandemic. Healthcare workers hope to see telemedicine expand in the future.


Dallas NP arrives back home after serving NYC patients

Nurse practitioner Lavonia Aduba hopped on a flight to NYC in April to serve on the frontlines against COVID-19 with no hesitation.

Aduba told NBC 5 DFW this was her calling.

“It’s what God has placed me on this earth to do," she began. "It was kind of exciting but at the same time really sad because we see these patients deteriorating very quickly, which is more rapidly happening than I’ve ever seen in my career.”

Aduba worked in a temporary field hospital located in Queens, serving ICU patients.

“These patients are really having a hard time with just getting air in.” She continued, “Even when they’re coughing, you can hear it. So that’s the scariest thing to see, it feels like you’re watching them suffocate and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Aduba is only back in Dallas temporary; she’s scheduled to work hospitals in Philadelphia and New Jersey after a week with her family.


NP requests for hospital camp between American-Mexican border approved

Global Response Management (GRM) requests to set up a hospital camp for migrants near Matamoros has been approved by American and Mexican officials.

The 20-bed hospital tent was helped pushed by nurse practitioner and GRM’s director of strategic planning, Andrea Leiner.

Leiner told the Texas Observer it wasn’t a question of if, but of when the virus would hit the camp.

The hospital camp was slated to be ready in April. However, getting permission from both countries to cross borders and set up medical equipment was a barrier. GRM and volunteers worked for weeks with U.S. and Mexico government officials to get approval.

“We are all action people and we are all problem solvers,” Leiner said.

GRM hopes to set up similar hospital camps along the border. 

“Treating people humanely on both sides, it is not just a frivolity.” Leiner ends, “It has economic impact for both countries."

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