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Friday, April 17, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Suzanna Rickman
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Your TNP dedicated member page

If you haven’t heard it enough from within your community, Thank you! The collective hearts of Texans are exploding with immeasurable gratitude for your stamina and compassion. Our hearts are breaking as we watch loved ones fall to this disease. Our thoughts are overflowing with uncertainty around what the days ahead may bring.  More than ever, we need YOU!  We need YOU to be safe, whole and healthy.

As an essential first responder, the entire country is in AWE of what you do every day to support virtual strangers, but close members of your community. Your community, including Texas Nurse Practitioners, your employer, your neighbors, your family, and those dependent on you want to support you in return. Our efforts seem small by comparison. But we will also find ways to do what we can to support YOU while you work selflessly for us.

A few years ago, a friend of mine went through a similarly traumatic time. She suffered a disabling event nobody expected and that had no physical symptoms. She was young, healthy and doing her part by serving on a grand jury. She witnessed horrendous, gruesome, inconceivable conditions for months. Every day she endured as she did her part. When it was over, she was very ill. She was depressed, anxious, and could no longer function – which included working, and caring for herself and her family.

Communities are collective groups of strangers each contributing something to keep one another safe. My sister is sewing masks. My neighbor is grocery shopping for people on her street. Another is cooking meals for the aged. A friend has moved her Yoga classes online. Me? . . . . I am here to remind YOU, the strangers among us taking care of everyone, not to forgot about taking care of yourself.  Mentally, physically and financially.

There is NO BETTER TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF and your most valuable asset, which is your ability to earn your paycheck. If you or your family depends on your income, then please, let me provide you with knowledge on how you can protect it in the event of an illness or injury. 

Let me help take care of you. You’ll be totally involved in your financial treatment plan. I promise. We are skilled professional, chosen specifically by the President of Texas Nurse Practitioners Association on your behalf to help men and women like you understand information and make decisions in THEIR FINANCIAL LIVES.

My friend is doing much better today. It’s been two years since her disabling illness. The average disability lasts two and a half years. Most important, she was able to concentrate on therapy and recovery because she never had to worry about her income. She had her own Disability Income protection plan on top of what her employer provided so most of her income was replaced. Even though she couldn’t work – her income didn’t stop.

I truly hope you find your way through this pandemic unscathed and unaffected by disease or another debilitating condition. Please contact us today to obtain information around how to put your financial PPE in place to protect all the valuable pieces of your life that you can and want to protect. The sooner the better. Find your dedicated TNP member page here:

Beth Freudenburg  Direct 214-504-4833

Melina Morrison  Direct  214-682-9624

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